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Why I hate personal trainers Part Duece B: More trainer profiles

  Part three of the series, check out part’s one and two before you read this.   Time for action No bull shitting this time, let’s just jump straight into it. The Meat Head Have you ever seen the TV show Scrubs? If not I highly recommend it, some of the funniest things I’ve seen on […]

Why I hate Personal Trainers Part Duece: Trainer Profiles, the Pros and Cons

If you missed part one of this series you should start here Who we are Any trainer you meet has a target and a type of people that they train. Wait, let me fix that, any Good trainer you meet has a target and type of people that they train. You’ve got my buddy Scott […]

Cardio Conundrum

Did you see John Berardi post about cardio yesterday? I tweeted about it but didn’t put it on the site, if you missed it you can read it here. It’s a longer read, so I’ll sum it up for you here Pretty much JB took 3 groups of people all consisting of trained individuals of […]

Why I hate Personal Trainers: Part 1 – What to ask when you meet one

I think everyone should have a personal trainer. Seriously. I constantly am working out with people who teach classes and do personal training all the time. It makes me work harder and focus on why I am working out. The thing that blows for you is that about 80% of all personal trainers SUCK. I’ve […]


Today is my birthday. I know, hurray! Another year has gone by since my escape from the womb. Thank my Mom I’ve been working hard to get this site back up and running. I didn’t like the look, the interface, or much else, so on this, the day of my birth, I’m giving you the […]