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Life in the slow lane

Everyone at the gym moves in Jello. It’s almost like they really don’t want to get the results they deserve or can acheive. Please tell me, what is the point of moving all that weight (I’m talking iron here) just to stuff your gillit full of crap, or vice versa even? What’s worse is people […]

Take the stairs to work

Not only will you burn a some extra calories that way, but you’ll gain some strength and stave off heart conditions. That’s not what I really mean though. I had an awesome workout in about 20 minutes, and all I had was a set of stairs. 1 flight, so about 30 steps and I kicked […]

My Life As a Lab Rat: NO Xplode

Every since working my first fitness job as a front desker at 24 Hour Fitness NO products have been flying off of the shelves. NO Xplode being the most popular of all these products. Before I dive into my experience with NO Xplode I want to tell you why it’s taken me this long to […]

My Underpants

That’s right, I’m sitting in my living room in my underpants. The real question is why should you care? (That’s a question for the fellas, cuz we all know why the ladies care *wink*) The reason I’m ableto sit in my living room and type up a blog is 2 reasons: I have a plan […]

I Have the Power!

Heman. Captain Planet. Iron man. Chip N Dale. Corey and Sean. All quintessential participants in my up bringing. The point that each character made was less important than the simple fact that goals are easier to reach together than they are on your own. That’s why the biggest loser participants see such great results, they […]