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Win Your Waist (Concord ONLY) 6 months of FREE TRAINING

Win 6 Months of FREE Group Fitness in Concord Ameli Training is off the ground at a sprint. People are kicking ass and losing weight like crazy. I want to give back to my clients and GIVE away 6 MONTHS OF FREE TRAINING. I’m not kidding. Even if you’re not one of my clients right […]

Quick look at my life

Originally uploaded by mazameli Here’s a great pic with my girlfriend when she came in from Nashville

Away from Concord for mothers day

Im writing this from my iphone while the rest of the family gets ready. My little brother Gieve just graduated from my Alma — Westmont college in Santa Barbara, WAY TO GO!!! I wanted to take a quick second and wish all the moms out there a happy mother’s day. You deserve many days like […]

Why 1% Can Change Your Life

A question from Concord could change your life I was working with two clients who kind of crack me up, and they kept asking me what major changes they could make in their life right now that would make them lose weight. I already know all about their diets, exercise habits (hell they are working […]

Over Come Your Fear: Dealing With The Lizard Brain

Why does evolution want you to fail? It seems like so often people blame their current situation on their genes. How many times have you heard (or said), “It’s just how I was made”? If you’re like me, a lot. Last week we talked about taking some time for yourself and taking massive action, but […]