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Help Us Define Our Culture

To Our Members, We will be putting together a book – a pretty amazing book in fact. You know I would even call this book stupendous The main reason it’s going to be so amazing is that our members (that’s you!) are going to be the main stars. The book is going to be a conglomeration […]

Why The Scale Doesn’t Move

Isn’t it frustrating? You diet, you lose weight, then you get bored or you’re sure that you’ve “got it” this time… Then sure enough you gain weight. Repeat this over a few years and you’ve got a recipe for frustration. Not only that, but that pattern of yo-yo dieting is disastrous on your health. More on that […]

What do you care about more?

What Matters Most? The beginning of the new year is my favorite time of the year. It’s crisp in the air. People are happy. We get to wear scarves (What? I like scarves). Most of all I love the hope that’s in the air. One thing I can’t stand is what happens before the new […]

Do You Think I’m A “Tosser”?

What kind of message do I send? Hey guys, hope you’re having a KILLER day. I just got back from vacation – which was totally awesome. I was relaxing on the beach with my Bestie Tyler, his fiance, and the most important lady I know – sorry Mom ;). I’ll put up some pictures asap. […]

How To Set Goals

My No B.S. Goal Setting Tactics That Will Get You In The Body Of Your Dreams Warning: This post is only for action takers. If you don’t want to take MASSIVE strides towards your goals today SKIP THIS POST Most people do goal setting wrong, wronger than a Vodka Martini – Technically a vodkatini, bleh. […]