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Mental health, scheduling, and dealing with people in your life

Focus on the Family

Who you live with is going to change how you get the results you get big time. Do you have kids, a husband, roommates, live alone? Who challenges you to be better? Who is going to force you to get worse? I'm telling you there is NO way in hell that you will stay the […]

Hair of the dog

When I was in high school one of the adults I looked up to for advice, Tim, told us a story while we were on a Mission trip in Mexico. It was about a young boy from an Indian tribe (native American? I’m not sure what’s the most PC really) who asked the chief how […]

My life as a lab rat: First Order

My recent kick as been going through the pre workout supplements I got at the LA Fitness Expo. Last time I talked about Kick Brix, today it’s all about Body Well Nutrition’s First Order. Let’s start with the claims of the supplement. On the cover the claims are as follows: Delay fatigue, Train Harder, Recover […]


Since I’m in the midst of testing myself on unknown supplements I’d thought I would share one of my favorites. As a fitness professional people always ask me, “What snacks can I eat that will help me lose ‘this’?” When they say “this” they are pointing to some part of their body that has a […]

My life as a Lab Rat: Kick Brix

Yesterday I posted about the LA Fitness Expo and how I’m going to be testing each and every supplement I received, regardless of its possible health risks and or sterilizing properties. To start things off I ate a Kick Brix chew: Lets start with what Kick Brix claims as its benefits: More impact than an […]