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Monday Madness

Just a quick blurb really. I was at the gym today, and the lifers were there, the hot moms, the young moms; in short all the dedicated people who make it to the gym year round. On top of that though there were the new years resolutioners. They show up once a year (or twice […]

Soy’s Dirty little secrets, episode 2: Attack of the thyroid

We all know an under over over active thyroid glad isn’t good. It plumps us up if we turn it off and it makes us sickly skinny if it’s too active. It releases hormones (T3 and T4) to regulate how much we eat weigh and feel. I’d go as far to say that the thyroid […]

Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas, found joy in their families and friends instead of the junk you got. I had a ton of fun this morning (day after Christmas) at the gym with the family. I did give in and get them a physical gift, but they are pretty bad ass. I got […]

The begining of a new era

Ameli Training is on its way. What started as a blog spot dream is now its own reality.

Soy’s dirty little secrets, episode 1: a Protein’s menace

Soy.An innocent little green bean esc legume with the popularity of Paris Hilton.Due to the lovers quarrel many people have with soy, and because of the variety of misinformation out there about soy I’ll be writing about some of the facts, myths, and legends about the legume. First used in China almost 3000 years ago […]