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What do you hate?

Tyler and I are doing some research, I’d like to know what you dislike about gyms, and what makes a good gym in your opinion. CheersxoxoK

The Journey

I wasn’t always the hunk of man meat that you see before you. When I first got into the fitness world, started taking Kinesiology classes, and got serious about health I weighed around 220 with a body fat percentage of around 30. I was 66 pound of fat. Over the past 5 years I’ve trained, […]

Excited to add 10 pounds of fat?

It’s true. From what I get from recent surveys and studies most people will gain about 5 pounds during the holiday season. That combined with inactivity and muscle atrophy you can expect a weight shift of about 5 pounds of lean body mass to fat with another 5 pounds on top of that to reach […]


Happy Halloween!I hope you enjoy the most non holiday of the year, just make sure you don’t jack your kids up on too much sugar. I mean unless you want them to get type two diabetes. Haven’t found a way to embed an audio player on blogger yet so you’ll have to live with a […]

Before Bed

Haven’t written anything in a few days, thought I’d spring some questions on you. 1. What moves you? Where is the why in what you do in the gym or in your exercise? 2. Do you do it right? Are you taking the time to learn what is wrong with what you’re doing and fix […]