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What, when, and why you should eat what I tell you to eat

How Zombies Eat

Hey everyone, Last week we put out a super fun book packed with killer workouts. (Click here if you missed it). But we forgot one thing. Food! So to fix that we just came out with an adjunct – The Next 21 Days Nutrition guide! 4 simple rules that will change your eating life. Click […]

Probiotics for Weight Loss

Hi guys, I’ve got real treat for you today. Probiotics are starting to get a name for themselves in the health and fitness world and they can really help you lose weight and reach your fitness goals. My buddy Evan (suuuuper knowledgeable guy) wrote an exclusive article for us on probiotics. Check it out -K Probiotics […]

Concord’s Calorie Intake

One theme I’ve seen come up over and over again with clients at my studio in Concord is nutrition. Now I’m not a dietician, but I’ve worked with enough people who’ve seen massive results to know that without good nutrition you aren’t going to see the results that you want. Most women who want to […]

This Is Bigger Than You

I try to avoid watching a whole lot of TV, it's mostly boring crap anyway, but I've been glued to a new show: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. It's one of those food shows, sure, but it is a serious wake-up call to America. The skinny of it is this: British Chef (the naked one, remember), […]

Obesity, the rising cost of health care

Being Over Weight Costs More No duh right? More medical risks from heart disease, increased chance at type two diabetes, it’s harder to get around, stairs become a challenge. That all sucks a lot. What’s worse is that now that more and more people are letting themselves get to the obese level hospitals are starting […]