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What, when, and why you should eat what I tell you to eat

Don’t be Normal!

I left my comfortable apartment in Woodland Hills to venture up to northern Cali to visit with my parents for my dad and my birthdays (don’t mention grammer, I reworded that last sentence 8 maybe 90 times). I drove up with my brothers that night and we all had a good time, A’s game and […]


I hate when people say that fixing their diet is hard. It’s really not that bad. The rules are simple: Eat six times a day Drink a lot of water Eat some protein with every meal Eat some Veggies with every meal Don’t eat stuff you know is going to kill you. Done. Organic, vegan, […]

Add some quick Nutrition to your life

Mix up with all the technical aspects of the site, so no Pilates exercise videos this week. Everything should be ironed out by Monday. In the mean time here’s a video with a kick ass post workout nutrition shake that you need to try

Focus on the Family

Who you live with is going to change how you get the results you get big time. Do you have kids, a husband, roommates, live alone? Who challenges you to be better? Who is going to force you to get worse? I'm telling you there is NO way in hell that you will stay the […]

It’s all in the Timing

When I was in high school there was a short play I loved called “Sure thing” by David Ives. It starts off with a young woman in a coffee shop being approached by a young man who asks to sit with her. The young man keeps making mistakes, or the conversation doesn’t go his way […]