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Things that go great with Pilates

Pilates…TRX…Kettlebells. All in Concord. There are a lot of cool toys that we have in our studio in Concord. Pilates Reformers, a Pilates┬áCadillac, chairs, TRX, kettlebells, ropes… Wait what? If you know anything about Pilates those last few probably won’t jive. Here’s why we love the way the way those “toys” work with our Pilates […]

Pilates… A LOT of Pilates

I’ve been MIA for the last week because of Pilates I’m working on finishing up my full STOTT Pilates Certification, which is a ton of fun but combined with the rest of my life… well you can see the results on my time. BUT you can also see the results on my body. My posture’s […]

Getting harder to breathe

This week we’re talking about control. Yesterday was just kind of an introduction to the whole idea of controlling yourself in the gym and not just throwing a ton of weight around because it’s fun. If you don’t control your muscles then you’re really not going to get the most out of every contration/relaxation cycle. […]