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Why The Scale Doesn’t Move

Isn’t it frustrating? You diet, you lose weight, then you get bored or you’re sure that you’ve “got it” this time… Then sure enough you gain weight. Repeat this over a few years and you’ve got a recipe for frustration. Not only that, but that pattern of yo-yo dieting isĀ disastrousĀ on your health. More on that […]

What I’ve Learned in 100 and 1 Posts

Today marks the 102nd blog post on Ameil Training. First off, thanks for being a reader, it really means a lot to me that you’d put your health and fitness learning in my hands (and mouth). This isn’t going to be a typical article – instead of choosing a topic or training type I’m going […]

How Zombies Eat

Hey everyone, Last week we put out a super fun book packed with killer workouts. (Click here if you missed it). But we forgot one thing. Food! So to fix that we just came out with an adjunct – The Next 21 Days Nutrition guide! 4 simple rules that will change your eating life. Click […]

The Next 21 Days

Hey Guys I just wanted to make sure you knew that we are officially in “Fatty” season. Between October 31st and January 1st you are more likely to stuff junk in your face than at any other time until next year. So what are you going to do about it? You have 2 choices: 1. […]

What I Learned at the Perform Better 2011 Summit (Day 1)

Getting Better All the Time Here at Ameli Training we are committed to providing you with the most cutting edge research on getting you your sexy body back, and one way that we do that is by going to conferences and rub shoulders with the people doing the research. This last weekend I went down […]