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A Yellow Wood

Now I'm not one to spill my inner turmoil out onto others, but I think this is a good medium to voice some non training concerns I have about the future of my life. At this point I'm 24, not quite a quarter of a century yet but hot damn it's close. It's also a […]

Focus on the Family

Who you live with is going to change how you get the results you get big time. Do you have kids, a husband, roommates, live alone? Who challenges you to be better? Who is going to force you to get worse? I'm telling you there is NO way in hell that you will stay the […]

Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas, found joy in their families and friends instead of the junk you got. I had a ton of fun this morning (day after Christmas) at the gym with the family. I did give in and get them a physical gift, but they are pretty bad ass. I got […]