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Checking in on my peeps

Just got back from zip-lining and river inner-tubing in Costa Rica. Get out your jealousy now, it's never a productive emotion. Done? Good I know I shouldn't be writing while on vacation, but I thought I'd toss up a quick post before we head out to dinner. I have a question to ask you. Being […]


I think a lot of what I'm really concerned about with the prospect of moving or the idea of staying is the feeling that deep inside all of us is a need for community. There's always the pack animal mentality running around in our head, and let's face it without other people we get really […]

A Yellow Wood

Now I'm not one to spill my inner turmoil out onto others, but I think this is a good medium to voice some non training concerns I have about the future of my life. At this point I'm 24, not quite a quarter of a century yet but hot damn it's close. It's also a […]

My Barefoot Experiment

Going Barefoot. If you've been listening to the True Fitness Academy Podcast (and you should be) then you'd know that I've taken it upon myself to integrate barefootedness into my training regime. Why barefoot? That's the whole point of this post. (Oh and if you missed the boat, here's the link to the True Fitness […]

Updating My People

  A New Place, or is it? I thought that I would update all of you who don’t listen to my podcast. (Side note: If you’re saying what podcast??? Head over to www.truefitnessacademy.com). If you don’t know I’ve moved from LA to the Bay Area, Walnut Creek to be specific. What prompted this move you might […]